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The RoundUp: Serving Ag, Construction, and Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers Across Iowa and Nebraska

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Manufacturer and Dealer News
Legislative Meetings and Golf Outings

This is an incredible opportunity to connect with dealers, hear the latest legislative developments in your state, and have fun golfing all in the same day! Members are able to attend just the meeting and are not required to participate in golf outing. 

Nebraska will be held on Monday, June 17, at York Country Club.

Iowa will be Tuesday, June 20, at Copper Creek Golf Club & Event Center.

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Manufacturer and Dealer News
John Deere Announces Additional Layoffs at Its Tractor Manufacturing Plant

The John Deere plant in Waterloo is laying off 192 workers effective June 22.

The company posted the notice on Iowa's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN, website.

The latest announcement follows layoffs of 308 in Waterloo announced in late March as well as layoffs of 150 workers from Deere's Ankeny facility the same month.

In a statement to KWWL-TV in Waterloo, Deere said managers met with employees to inform them of the layoffs.

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John Deere Launches $6.6 Million Scholarship Program for College Students

A groundbreaking partnership between the John Deere Foundation, the University of Iowa (UI), and the Davenport Community School District (DCSD) will soon increase access to higher education for Iowa high school students.

The John Deere Foundation will give $6.6 million over six years to create the John Deere Scholars Program, a program based on financial need that will help Davenport Community High School students get ready for college at Iowa.

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Pioneer Agronomist Issues Advice on Managing Wet Fields and Weighing Replant Decisions

While spring moisture has helped alleviate widespread drought in many areas, too much rain, especially over an extended period, can create issues early in the season. A wet spring can lead to delayed or rushed planting, flooded fields, or increased pest and disease pressure, resulting in inadequate stands and requiring replants in severe instances.

Additionally, planting into or working wet soils can cause a number of issues, including uneven crop emergence. Smearing of the seed furrow sidewall, sidewall compaction and a seed trench that does not close are common when planting into fields that are too wet.

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John Deere’s New T6 800 Walker Combine

John Deere’s new T6 800 walker combine includes features from its X9 and S7 Series of combines, and new integrated precision ag technology.

“The T6 800 combine provides farmers a significant step forward in harvesting technology,” says Bergen Nelson, go-to-market manager for harvesters at John Deere. “With these combines, farmers will have the tools they need to enhance productivity and efficiency in the field.”

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Volvo Launches U.S. Market’s Largest Electric Crawler Excavator, the EC230

Volvo upped the ante recently in the drive toward electric construction equipment with the launch of the largest battery-powered crawler excavator for the North American market.

The 23-metric-ton EC230 stands out in an ever-growing sea of compact battery-powered excavators now for sale. Volvo announced its availability to the market May 21 at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

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Industry News
First Peek at 2024 Corn Crop Condition Pegs 75% Good/Excellent

The USDA says as of June 2, 91% of the 2024 corn crop has been planted in the top 18 corn-growing states. This is up from 83% the week prior and ahead of the five-year average of 89%.

Corn is emerging in all of those states, with 74% out of the ground. That’s up from 58% the week prior and slightly ahead of the five-year average of 73%.

USDA says soybean planting progress in the top 18 growing states is at 78%, up from 68% the week prior and ahead of the five-year average of 73%.

Soybeans have emerged in all of those states, with 55% out of the ground. That’s up from 39% the week prior and ahead of the five-year average of 52%.

Iowa has no drought for first time in four years

Heavy rainfall last week eliminated the remaining pocket of drought in Iowa, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor report.

It’s the first time in nearly four years that none of the state is experiencing drought and marks a significant turnaround from September, when Iowa was drier than it had been in a decade.

83% of the state had drought at the start of the year, and more than a third of Iowa had “extreme” drought — the second-to-worst classification of the Drought Monitor.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture today announced it is taking several additional actions to ensure the health and viability of the nation's livestock and poultry.

In the two months since the initial detection of H5N1 in dairy cattle, USDA has worked quickly and in concert with its federal and state partners to better understand the virus and contain the disease and remains committed to seeking additional ways to collect the data needed to better understand and mitigate the risk created by this outbreak.

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There are few things in which Culver's believes more fervently than the superiority of frozen custard to all other desserts--but supporting dairy farmers is one of them. During National Dairy Month in June, the restaurant chain is encouraging people to support dairy farmers by enjoying their favorite frozen dairy treat, even if it isn't Culver's Fresh Frozen Custard.

Culver's has been a champion of frozen custard since its founding in 1984, long crediting its relationships with farmers and the quality of the dairy they produce for the success of its beloved Fresh Frozen Custard. Those hardworking farmers are the ones who also make it possible for other brands to serve popular dairy desserts, from ice cream to soft serve. Culver's is hoping to rally support for farmers by encouraging people to pick up their favorite frozen dairy treats throughout National Dairy Month, whether that's at Culver's or a competitor.

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Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility has signed a supply agreement with Electrovaya for lithium-ion battery modules, the companies said on April 29.

The partners have already started introducing Electrovaya products to OEMs and potential customers, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. Electrovaya’s low — or high-voltage Infinity Battery Systems are designed for material handling, buses, trucks, mining vehicles and defense applications.

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