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Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Good Tuesday Morning to You!

When I get dressed each morning, I often think about the episode of “All in the Family” when Mike and Archie were having a debate about the order to put on shoes and socks. Is it sock-sock, shoe-shoe, or is it sock-shoe, sock-shoe?

That may be a silly debate, but socks are serious business. In fact, according to Beneath The Knees, the total addressable sock market is $14.3 billion, and the sock industry is expected to grow 2.82% annually between 2023-2027. One in five clothing items purchased in 2021 were socks. Seriously.

The COVID-19 pandemic socked it to the sock industry, though, as the average revenue per capita for socks was $1.55, the lowest it had been in the prior nine years.

Here are a few more sock shocks. In total, 64% of adults wear socks at home. Interestingly, men are more likely to wear socks in the house than women. Meanwhile, the biggest growth driver in the sock industry is people purchasing socks for sleep. From 2017 to 2021, this number increased by 21%, four times the growth compared to the sock industry as a whole.

Socks were once meant to match a person’s clothing and blend in. Not anymore. You may have noticed people in business attire wearing flashy socks with suits, some even with their company logos.

I have a degree of color blindness, so I often ask my wife what color the socks I take out of my drawer are. She convinced me to keep it simple and only buy black socks. “Black goes with everything,” she tells me.

Maybe, but in the 1970s, black socks were fashion faux pas. Every kid wearing shorts had to have white tube socks pulled up to their knees, preferably with stripes at the top. The socks had to stay pulled up, too, as saggy socks were not cool.

Meanwhile, when my dad wore shorts (which was rare), he would also don black dress socks, which contrasted greatly with his bright white legs. Years later, my teenage daughter Sara would often steal my black dress socks out of my drawer and wear them. I don’t get it. But, for what it’s worth, I buy most of my socks at a hardware store.

And, in case you are curious, I side with Archie. Sock-sock, shoe-shoe.

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

We've got a great day ahead with warm and dry conditions on tap. On Wednesday, we'll see a rain chance early and again late in the day as a bit of a warming trend takes us into the weekend. Another rain chance comes late Thursday into Friday morning, and we may see rain at times this weekend.

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Auditions for "Little Shop of Horrors" will be May 26 and at 6 p.m. at the Des Moines Community Playhouse. "Little Shop of Horrors" has four male-identifying roles ages 20 and older of any race or ethnicity, one female-identifying role age 20 and older of any race or ethnicity, and three black female-identifying roles ages 16 and older.

Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker are Hallmark's version of Doris Day and Rock Hudson or Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy — a romantic couple so popular they have been paired together five times with two more movies upcoming. All their films are set in the food business. Check out https://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/the-curious-caterer-mysteries/cast

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On May 9 in history ...

1960: Health. On May 9, 1960, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the world’s first commercially produced birth-control pill—Enovid-10, made by the G.D. Searle Company of Chicago, Illinois.

1964: Music. Following the ascension of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” to #1 in early February, the Beatles held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for three and a half solid months—longer than any popular artist before or since. Over the course of those months, the Fab Four earned three consecutive #1 singles (a record); held all five spots in the top five in early April (a record); and had a total of 14 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 in mid-April (yet another record). But just when it seemed that no homegrown act would ever stand up to the British invaders, one of the least likely American stars imaginable proved himself equal to the task. On May 9, 1964, the great Louis Armstrong, age 63, broke the Beatles’ stranglehold on the U.S. pop charts with the #1 hit “Hello Dolly.”

1671: Crime. In London, Thomas Blood, an Irish adventurer better known as “Colonel Blood,” is captured attempting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. Read about the consequences doled out by the king.

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People and Pets

Toby and Sophia

By Jackie Wilson

A beloved childhood horse is now in its golden years of life.

When Laura Kersey got her horse, Toby, at age 10, she never imagined him getting as old as he is. Toby, a Palomino, turned 32 on April 12.

“It’s a last hurrah for him,” Kersey says.

Although he is too old to ride (she hasn’t ridden him since he was 20 years old). She recently adopted a pony, Sophia, from the Animal Rescue League. She thought the horses would get along.

Photo by TP Creations Photography

... Read more in the May issue of CITYVIEW.

Birthdays and Notables!

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Morning Chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
Who did the zombie take to the prom? AN OLD EX SHE DUG UP! Or, His ghoul-friend! - Rex Post, Gail Tomlinson, Don DeWaay. Or The "homegoing" queen! - Carolyn Rogers

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