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Monday, June 24, 2024
Good morning to you!

Every generation has its own slang. Some of it carried to future generations. Some of it rightfully fizzled out in a year or two. But one thing is for sure. Slang changes as quicky as fads like poodle skirts, bell-bottom jeans and shutter shades.

In the 1950s, words and phrases like “hipster,” “Daddy-o” and “hi-fi” were commonly used at the sock hops, soda fountains and drive-in theaters. This generation also defined “burning rubber,” “cooking with gas” and “the royal shaft.” And I love it.

The 1960s brought slang like “far out,” “bread” and “the man.” Barbies, Batman and the Beatles were all the rage, as were go-go boots, Easy Bake Ovens and Chatty Cathy. The youngsters were watching “the boob tube,” pulling “the five finger discount” and avoiding “the fuzz.” Right on.

In the 1970s, when I learned to listen and talk, we heard phrases like “dig it,” “mind-blowing” and “give me some skin” and, of course, Vinnie Barbarino’s “up your nose with a rubber hose.” This was the era of disco, mopeds, pet rocks and Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific. You didn’t want to be a jive turkey, a dork, a putz or a space cadet.

The 1980s introduced new slang with “gag me with a spoon,” “gnarly,” “wicked” and “yuppie.” Ferris Bueller summed up this decade best with, “The question isn't ‘What are we going to do?’ The question is, ‘What aren't we going to do?’ ” We talked our slang while listening to Walkmans, watching MTV, playing Space Invaders and trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube, all while keeping time on our Swatch Watch. And we repeated phrases like “take a chill pill.”

In the 1990s, we were “getting jiggy” while saying “diss,” “phat,” “homeboy” and “word.” Tamagotchis and Giga Pets were hot, as were rainbow socks, Polly Pockets and body glitter. These were all experienced while telling metrosexuals “boda bing” or to “talk to the hand.”

Slang of the 2000s brought “peeps,” “BFF” and “rents.” Baggy jeans, MySpace, cargo pants, Bratz dolls, DVD players, the iPod and Razor scooters were in. You might have asked “wassup?” to act like a dawg without being sketchy.

The 2010s introduced “chillax,” “lit,” “fleek” and “YOLO.” Crop tops, man buns, Crocks with socks, “Jersey Shore,” the Harlem Shake, selfie sticks and jeggings were hot. More slang or newly invented words included “bromance,” “photobomb,” “deets,” “memes” and “emojis.”

Clearly I missed some slang from your generation. Send me a note and let me know what ones. Word.

Have a memorable Monday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
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Clear Mortgage meteorology

Heat builds into a steamy Monday. Storm chances return late tonight into Tuesday evening, and return Friday.

For help with pre-approvals or refinancing, get in touch with Originating Branch Manager Carrie Hansen at carrie.mortgage.

From the June issue of CITYVIEW 


By Jackie Wilson

The warm, relaxing atmosphere inside Francie’s Bar and Grill creates a vibe that makes customers want to settle in for a few hours, order another drink, and maybe even an extra appetizer. The friendly and knowledgeable staff makes the southside staple even more enjoyable and makes it easy to understand why people have come back to Francie’s time and time again during the bar’s nearly four decades of service. Add in awards ranging from Best Southside Bar from CITYVIEW to Best Burger from Restaurant Guru, and Francie’s is a must-visit regardless of which side of town you call home.


CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines®
The results have been tallied and published in the February issue of CITYVIEW and online!


Best Local Dive Bar

1. Carl’s Place

2. Lynn’s on Merle Hay

3. County Line Tap

Read all the results now!

Explore Des Moines

CITYVIEW's seasonal guide for activities and things to do in Central Iowa

EXPLORE: Cruising Central Iowa

By Cyote Williams

Want to see the area’s best classic or newest cars? From Mustangs and Corvettes to the Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Bel Air your grandparents used to drive, you’ll find most anything at this summer’s car shows.


The restaurant business:
• During the pandemic, restaurant employment declined by 6 million jobs and lost $300 billion in sales compared to expected levels.
• In 2023, the forecast was that restaurant sales would reach $997 billion, showing a reviving industry. Though that is still 11% below where the industry was in 2019.
• Menu prices increased since COVID due to a rise in restaurant budgets, based on food, labor and operating costs. For many brands, the cost of rent, insurance and credit card fees has been spiking, so raising prices was mandatory to keep pace.
• Two  trends likely to continue in 2024 are increased breakfast sales and afternoon snacking. (Hudson Riehle, National Restaurant Association Senior Vice President of the Research and Knowledge)

R.I.P. Napa master. The American wine industry mourned when Warren Winiarski died this month at age 95. Winiarski was the founder of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, the Napa Valley winery whose Cabernet Sauvignon beat the best of Bordeaux in the 1976 Judgment of Paris wine tasting competition, announcing that American wine could compete with France’s best and making Napa the epitome of American wine excellence. He was also instrumental in creating Napa Valley’s Agricultural Preserve to protect against urban sprawl from San Francisco. Winiarski was the leading sponsor of, and impetus behind, the Smithsonian Institution’s Food History Project at the National Museum of American History. (WPost)

Monday deals. Eastside Eddie’s (3517 E. 26th St., Des Moines) Monday $10 special is ham and Swiss sliders with fries... Tito’s Lounge (3916 Urbandale Drive, Urbandale), home to top notch cevapi, pljeskavica and smoked kulen, offers all-you-can-eat wings Mondays... Price Chopper delis have fried chicken dinner specials on Monday with two pieces, two sides and a roll for $6... Trostel's Greenbriar (5810 Merle Hay Road, Johnston) offers half pound steak burgers with fries or salad and a beer for a Monday-only price of $14... Monday brings prime rib specials to both Chicago Speakeasy (1520 Euclid Ave., Des Moines) and Christopher's (2816 Beaver Ave., Des Moines)… Johnny's Hall of Fame (302 Court Ave., Des Moines) has $12 burger baskets on Mondays and Fridays.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com
Featured home for sale
Attention, Realtors, post your listings here for $50. Contact jolene@iowalivingmagazines.com for details.

$599,900                                                          5545 Ponderosa Drive, West Des Moines, IA 50266

This 4-bedroom walkout ranch with an office on the main level backs to a tree lined creek and offers lots of privacy with no rear neighbors. On the other side of that tree-lined creek is a very nice city park with walking paths, basketball and tennis court and pavilion. The main level features a large family room with gas fireplace, kitchen, formal dining area, dining nook, laundry room, 1/2 guest bath, master bedroom with private bathroom including a jacuzzi tub and separate shower, double vanity and walk-in closet.

See the listing here.

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SOLD: Featured commercial real estate transaction
SALE DATE: 2024-04-10
SALE PRICE: $78,350
ACRES: 0.140
From the June issue of Bondurant Living magazine

Meet Tanner Urich
Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of students

By T.K. West

Originally from Garner, Tanner Urich attended Buena Vista University where he met his wife of almost 10 years. Together, they have a 5-year-old child wand another due this summer. Urich and his family relocated to the Bondurant-Farrar School District in 2014 after building a house in the community. He had previously completed his student teaching experience with the district and knew it was where he wanted to be long term. Now, Urich has been teaching with the Bondurant-Farrar Community School District for eight years. He currently teaches science at the high school.

“I like that they allow me to provide engaging and inquiry-based lessons. I always feel supported by the staff and community of Bondurant. They embrace creativity and challenge me to be a better educator,” Urich says.



FROM KCCI: Catastrophic flooding leads to evacuations, destruction in Northwest Iowa

SPENCER, Iowa — People in northwest Iowa are on high alert because of high waters. Floodwaters have taken over numerous towns after weeks of rain caused water to rise to near-historic levels. In Spencer, where the Little Sioux River has flooded far beyond its banks, streets have turned into rivers. People can only navigate the watery roadways with boats....READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Des Moines man accused of shooting at car while driving on I-80

WAUKEE, Iowa — A Des Moines man has been accused of shooting at a vehicle while driving on I-80 Thursday evening. According to court records, at around 7:45 p.m. WestCom Dispatch received a report from a victim claiming that “a white car driven by a bald man in a turquoise shirt shot a gun” at him while they were traveling westbound on I-80 near Waukee. The victim also reported that the suspect was yelling at him while pointing the gun directly at him. ... READ MORE FROM WHO

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Dan Marburger honored at rededication ceremony for fallen educators

EMPORIA, Kan. — Former Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger was honored on Friday morning at the National Memorial to Fallen Educators in Emporia, Kansas for his life service as an educator and actions during the Jan. 4 school shooting. The memorial has close to 200 former educators’ names, who lost their lives in the line of duty, etched into three total granite tablets that sit on top of a small hill at Emporia State University. ....READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

Sports headlines
ESPN: Tennessee Volunteers prevail in Game 2, extend MCWS.  ...READ MORE 
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Blue Jays’ Orelvis Martinez Suspended for Violating PED Policy Days After MLB Debut. ... READ MORE
CBS Sports: 2024 Travelers Championship leaderboard: Scottie Scheffler first since Tiger Woods to win six events in season.   ...READ MORE
1948: Soviets blockade West Berlin. One of the most dramatic standoffs in the history of the Cold War begins as the Soviet Union blocks all road and rail traffic to and from West Berlin. The blockade turned out to be a terrible diplomatic move by the Soviets, while the United States emerged from the confrontation with renewed purpose and confidence..... READ MORE
1997: U.S. Air Force reports on Roswell. On June 24, 1997, U.S. Air Force officials release a 231-page report dismissing long-standing claims of an alien spacecraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico, almost exactly 50 years earlier. ... READ MORE
1997: Disney pulls Insane Clown Posse album on release day. On June 24, 1997, the Walt Disney Corporation orders one of its subsidiary record labels to recall 100,000 already shipped copies of an album by a recently signed artist—Insane Clown Posse—on the day of its planned release. The issue at hand: the graphic nature of the Detroit “horror-core” rap duo’s lyrics.    .... READ MORE
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How do we know that, besides the apple, Adam and Eve took a bite out of a pear, peach and banana? BECAUSE THERE WERE FOUR BITTEN FRUITS! (FORBIDDEN FRUITS). - Gail Tomlinson

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