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Wednesday, June 5, 2024
Good morning to you!

There are two types of people in this world: those who make lists and those who don’t.

Those who make lists simply seem to get a lot done. They don’t fumble and bumble or make excuses or point fingers on why things they were counted on to do were not completed. They know how to prioritize, and they can work through tasks of varied natures without pause. They take great satisfaction in crossing items off their list, and they don’t feel overwhelmed by the ones that remain. They know they will get to them, and they do.

Those who don’t make lists feel they don’t need to, and they wish others would quit telling them to do so. They think they can remember everything they need to do. Meanwhile, the rest of us know they can’t. The few who can clearly need more on their plates. I am convinced that their brains simply work differently, and getting them to change on their own is unlikely to happen.

I would be lost without my to-do list, as I have too many tasks I would forget to do without it. Every task goes on my list, regardless of how big or how small. In our deadline industry, and with the mix of projects we work on, I can’t let even the smallest task slip through the cracks.

I used a yellow legal pad as my to-do list for decades, and it worked great. It was one page per week that I broke into six columns with Monday through Friday and another column marked “other,” neatly separated with straight-edge lines and headers. I dedicated a few minutes each Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to plan out the tasks for the following week. This process worked great for me for work tasks and for projects around the house.

Just this year, I bought an electronic tablet made by Remarkable, and it has lived up to its name. I can now copy and rename my to-do lists and other projects that repeat, simplifying the process even more. Those of you who are list-makers will love this tablet or the many others that are similar. Buy one. You won’t regret it. The non-list makers will think it is a waste of money, but you will be steps ahead while they are still looking for their stuff they can’t find.

We have about 50 freelance writers and photographers who contribute to the work we do at Big Green Umbrella Media. Some of them send in their materials ahead of deadline every time. Others need a reminder. Still others are late every issue, regardless of any communication. I am convinced that those who meet deadlines are list-makers, and those who don’t are not.

You likely know some folks who don’t use to-do lists but put hundreds of Post-it notes all over to remind them what to do. And you surely realize that this system rarely works, except in the minds of the people who swear by them. Meanwhile, lists work, at least for me. How about you?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Movie review

“STEVE (martin) - a documentary in 2 pieces” (on Apple TV)
A biography of Steve Martin has a lot of promise, but six hours split in half proved to be a little too much for me. There is plenty of funny stuff and some interesting information on his early career, but two three-hour movies was more of a commitment than I wanted to make. Grade: C

By Michael C. Woody. Woody has been reviewing movies on radio and television since 1986 and can be heard talking movies every Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. on KXn0 106.3 with Keith Murphy and Andy Fales. You can also follow him on Twitter @MrMovieDSM. 


Woebegone Wednesday: George the Chili King has left and gone away - hey, hey, hey - but crack photographer Andy Lyons captured its last hurrah.

A two thousand year old tea culture is endangered. Peshawar, fabled trade route city in Pakistan, is seeing its tea houses close “one after the other” because of economic woes of a retarded economy. The ones that survive are going higher end with food offerings. Unlike most South Asians, Peshawaris prefer green to black tea and no milk. A cup'a tea costs about 20 cents in a good Peshawar tea house. (NHK, PBS)

Whatever happened to... Campbell’s Pepper Pot and Scotch Broth soups? The Chef’s Recipe’s Jamie Anderson writes that such were discontinued to cater to “the changing palate of the American consumer, who increasingly favors variety and innovation in canned foods over traditional recipes." We still miss them.

Sinatra haunts - parts I-II. The Golden Gate Hotel is the oldest casino in Las Vegas, opened in 1905. Called the "original" hangout of Rat Pack members Sinatra, Martin and Davis, the ritzy spot has recently been expanded and renovated with new guest rooms, making it once again a central fixture in newly popular Downtown Vegas... Older than the town of Beverly Hills itself, the luxe pink Beverly Hills Hotel was favored by Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich and John Wayne before Sinatra and Company had drinking bouts in its Polo Lounge. Honorary Rat Pack members Lauren Bacall (rumored to have coined the "Rat Pack" nickname) and Marilyn Monroe stayed there frequently. (Delish)

Deals. Bordanaro's (6108 S.W. Ninth St., Des Moines) has a Wednesday-Thursday only special on carryout pizza. They start at $6.50 for a 10-inch cheese pie. Each ingredient added is an extra charge, but this pretty much adds up to half price pies... Basic Bird (2607 Beaver Ave., Des Moines) has a $1 wing special on Wednesday, that's basically half price, too... Machine Shed (11151 Hickman Road, Urbandale) features all you can eat pork ribs tonight... Kids eat free with every paying adult on Wednesdays at Chuck’s (3610 Sixth Ave., Des Moines)… New York's Andrew Seigel delves into the Hungarian clarinet repertoire tonight at Jasper Winery (2400 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines). Free... Kathy’s East 14th Street Pub (3418 E. 14th St., Des Moines) offers a Wednesday special on "grilled cheese four ways" for $5.95-6.95.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com

Featured home for sale
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$234,900                                                             1617 41st St, Des Moines, IA 50310

This is the Beaverdale Brick you have been waiting for at an affordable price! This 2 bedroom, 1 bath gem is in a prime location close to everything. It boasts original hard wood floors with LVP in the updated kitchen. New appliances and several updates including garage door, driveway/walkway, and dishwahser.

See the listing here.

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SOLD: Featured commercial real estate transaction
SALE DATE: 2024-03-06
SALE PRICE: $205,000
ACRES: 0.224
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Back home
Altoona is forever the place for Machir

By Lindsey Giardino

Jen Machir grew up on the east side of Des Moines, so her childhood was spent playing soccer at the Sam Wise sports complex, making countless trips to the Altoona Walmart and spending summers at Adventureland.

After growing up and living in Waukee for awhile, Machir wanted to return.

“I absolutely missed the community feel like we have here in Altoona,” Machir says. “So I begged my husband, Steven, to move here, although he isn’t from this side of town.”

He agreed.



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What happens when a strawberry gets run over crossing the street? TRAFFIC JAM (and other "jam" answers)  - Gail Tomlinson, Randy Lagerblade, Kris Laurson, Sharon Hill Watkins, William Snyder. Or, a strawberry smoothie! - Carolyn Rogers. Or, Detectives are called to ‘preserve’ the evidence. -Mark Arends. Or, Juicy Fruit Corner! - Rex Post

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