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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Good morning to you!

I spent many years of my life managing salespeople. It is a different task than managing writers or designers or distribution drivers. A lot different, as some of you know.

One of the training sessions I used to do with salespeople was called “Speed Bumps.” I stole at least a portion of this from someone else along the way, but I don’t recall who. Regardless, the concept has been used many times to help salespeople — and all people — work on time management. So even if you have never sold anything in your life, you may appreciate this. Here is the short version of the training.

Most all of us who drive vehicles on paved roads have encountered speed bumps — those little hills going across a road to get you to slow down. Sometimes, the speed bumps work. Sometimes, they don’t. Almost all the time, they are at least a bit of an annoyance.

Typically, a driver must make one of three choices when approaching a speed bump.

The first option is to slow down and approach the speed bump head on but cautiously so as not to damage your vehicle — or your spine.

The second is to try to avoid the speed bump by finding a way to drive around it.

The third is to accelerate and drive over the speed bump recklessly and without caution.

If we are being honest, we have likely done all three of these when approaching speed bumps on on the road and speed bumps in our lives. Obviously, the first approach is the intended one and, most often, the best choice — unless an Imodium moment arises.

In sales situations — or in most any aspect of life — we encounter speed bumps that make us slow down, or work to avoid, or approach head on recklessly. The real challenge, though, is in identifying what those speed bumps are and trying to remove or reduce them. Personal phone calls or text messages throughout the work day. A co-worker (or a boss) who won’t leave you alone. An abundance of redundant or unnecessary paperwork. A vehicle that is not dependable. The list goes on and can vary from person to person and job to job, but we all have to deal with them.

What speed bumps do you encounter in your life? And how do you work through them? Send me a note and let me know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Clear Mortgage meteorology

Today and Thursday look dry. Intermittent storm chances return Thursday night and last off and on into Monday.

For help with pre-approvals or refinancing, get in touch with Originating Branch Manager Carrie Hansen at carrie.mortgage.

From  the May issue of CITYVIEW

Managing inventory

By Colson Thayer

“Inventory management is what can dictate some of your cash flow. And as we know, in business, cash is king,” said Lisa Shimkat, the state director of America’s Small Business Development Center Iowa (SBDC Iowa).

Business is all about maximizing profits and minimizing costs. Inventory management is the same way. Order too much, and inventory becomes obsolete; not ordering enough means missed sales. Optimizing levels of inventory for small businesses is a skill that takes years to master. It becomes even more difficult when that inventory is perishable, or worse, living. Read on for tips from SBDC Iowa on improving inventory management and hear how some Des Moines businesses handle inventory challenges.


CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines®
The results have been tallied and published in the February issue of CITYVIEW and online!


Best Beaverdale Area Store

1. Beaverdale Books

2. Back Country

3. Vinyl Cup Records

Read all the results now!


Troy Trostel passed at age 59. He was one of Iowa's very best chefs and incredibly unlucky in business timing. His Cityview cover photo hung prominently for years in Trostel's Greenbriar which he helped his father Paul open in Johnston. There will be a Celebration of Life Open House on Sunday, June 2 at the Greenbriar from 2-5 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial contributions to the Troy Trostel Memorial through The Iowa Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

Woebegone Wednesday. Before "energy drinks" breached the convenience store front, there was Jolt — the original high-caffeine cola of the 1980s and 90s. Marketed as “twice the caffeine,” Jolt gained fame after being banned on the BYU campus. As the market for energy drinks evolved, Jolt’s popularity dissipated. After being sold exclusively in Dollar General stores for a few years, its distribution ended in 2019. (The Chef's Recipe)

Remember the halcyon days of yesteryear when palm trees symbolized happy things like oases, coconut shell piña coladas, and the laid back lifestyle of Jimmy Buffet's army? All that is gone with the hurricane winds of climate agenda and green politics. The latest evidence is the firestorm unleashed after Malaysia’s Minister for Plantations and Commodities announced a plan to gift endangered orangutans to zoos in countries that buy lots of Malaysian palm oil. The Climate Defense Forces tell us to hate palm trees because they provide little shade, rarely bear fruits, and displace orangutans, pygmy elephants and Sumatran rhinos. Worse though, they are planted for dreaded "oil profiteering." In the metro, palm oil has jumped from African and Asian grocery stores to mainstream supermarkets. We love it to cook popcorn, dhal, curries, fried potatoes, and particularly sauteed red onions. (CNN, World Wildlife Foundation, Phaidon's India Cookbook)

Special deals. Red Lobster is endangered and is trying to boost traffic with super prices like their famous "endless shrimp." The local store (3838 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines) survived a big national cut this month and still offers bargains like today's steak and lobster tail with a side for $25... Whatcha Smokin’? (403 Iowa Ave., Luther) serves fabulous brisket burnt ends as a Wednesday special... Kids eat free with every paying adult on Wednesdays at Chuck’s (3610 Sixth Ave., Des Moines)… Kwik Star's Wednesday special of eight pieces of fried chicken for $10 is so good KFC copied it, on Tuesdays... Pizza on the Prairie at the Wallace Farm combines brick oven pizza with toppings straight from the garden, sides, desserts, a signature cocktail, and live music. Bring your own lawn chairs. Space is still available for June 7, 14, 21, 28 and July 5 plus a new Pizza Jazz Brunch on Sunday, June 16. Click here for information and Reservations.

 — Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com

Featured home for sale
Attention, Realtors, post your listings here for $50. Contact jolene@iowalivingmagazines.com for details.

$649,900                                                            1607 Walnut St., Dallas Center, IA 50063

Step into history with this breathtaking Old Presbyterian Church from 1913, now a luxurious home and successful Airbnb. Featuring 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with extra sinks, 3 temperature control zones, huge open concept with 18-foot tall ceilings, a loft with stunning views, and stunning hardwood floors. The home includes 2 laundry rooms, over 8,000+ square feet finished with daylight windows in the basement, large window panes, new ceiling fans, 2 full kitchens, a dining room peninsula that seats 12+ and 2 gas fireplaces.

See the listing here.

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SOLD: Featured commercial real estate transaction
SALE DATE: 2024-02-26
SALE PRICE: $2,029,451
ACRES: 6.600
From the May issue of Clive Living magazine

Competing for time
Pickleball chemistry on the court with son, dad

By Jackie Wilson

Elliot Liesland’s goal this summer is to beat his dad, Rob, at pickleball. He feels confident in his abilities, which he has sharpened over the past few years.

“My cousin and I always try to beat my dad and uncle. We have a chance to beat them. I think this summer, we can do it,” he says.
Elliot, 17, and his dad, Rob, both of Clive, began playing pickleball together in 2019 with their extended family. Rob’s mother-in-law had a pickleball set, and Elliot begin playing with it. Rob played competitively, while Elliott began improving his skills. The two either play each other or play doubles with other players.

They often play outdoor courses, such as Walker Johnson Park or at Dinks Pickleball, an indoor course.



FROM KCCI: Bird flu strikes flock of 4.2 million chickens in Sioux County

SIOUX COUNTY, Iowa — Avian influenza that is very transmissible and lethal for domestic birds has been detected in a flock of 4.2 million egg-laying chickens in Sioux County, according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. ....READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Urbandale eagle lovers rush to rebuild nest, save fledglings after storm

URBANDALE, Iowa — Iowans love their eagles — from the bluffs on the Mississippi to the branches along the Des Moines. In Urbandale, the Dentons have been loving a pair on their property for years. “Our eagles,” said Scott Denton, “they stick around year-round.” .... READ MORE FROM WHO

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Over $20,000 worth of merchandise stolen from Kulture Kingz in armed robbery

....According to Kulture Kingz and Des Moines police, the suspect was in the store for five to seven minutes, brandishing a firearm. Police were called to the scene at 5 p.m. ......READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

Sports headlines
ESPN: Texans, WR Nico Collins agree to 3-year, $72.75M extension...READ MORE 
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Report: 76ers Could Give Jimmy Butler Max Salary Extension If Heat Move on ... READ MORE
YAHOO! Sports:Let's do that hockey: NHL is about to have a big opportunity to steal America's attention .....READ MORE
1953: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach Everest summit.  .... READ MORE
2005: Danica Patrick becomes first woman to lead Indy 500. ..... READ MORE
2014: Laverne Cox becomes first transgender person to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. ... READ MORE
1942: Jews in Paris are forced to sew a yellow star on their coats. On May 29, 1942, on the advice of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler orders all Jews in occupied Paris to wear an identifying yellow star on the left side of their coats. Joseph Goebbels had made the persecution, and ultimately the extermination, of Jews a personal priority from the earliest days of the war, often recording in his diary such statements as: “They are no longer people but beasts.” ... READ MORE
Birthdays and notables

These celebrities were born on this date: Anthony Geary, Danny Elfman, LaToya Jackson, Ted Levine, Gregg Sulkin, Mel B, Riley Keough, Carmelo Anthony, Noel Gallagher, Paul Skenes, Rebbie Jackson, Austin Reaves, Tobin Heath, Laverne Cox

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Morning chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:

What do you call it when two musical groups try to outdo each other? BAND TO BAND COMBAT! Or Battle of the Bands! - Rex Post, William Snyder. Or, A West side story! - Mike Chiston. Other answers from Gail Tomlinson

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How many altos does it take to change a light bulb?

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