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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Good morning to you!

Remember when a necktie was the gift of choice for fathers from many sons and daughters? Many of you dads and sons and daughters do, and us dads have closets full of ties to prove it. Wide ties. Narrow ties. Striped ties. Paisley ties. They are all in there in my closet, right next to the suspenders and the now-too-small belts I am hanging onto for unknown reasons.

My dad’s profession made him more of a blue jean and work shirt guy than a suit and tie guy, except for church services, of course. But he did have a bunch of ties. I remember being a teenager searching through them and finding what I thought was a cool one — narrow and black with some subtle unique stitching. I asked him about it, and he said it was my grandfather’s, and he thought Grandpa would be happy if I would have it. So I wore it a few times, until someone told me that style wasn’t cool. Now I store it in my closet. With my other ties that aren’t cool.

In the early years of my professional career at The Des Moines Register, I wore a suit and tie every day. It was the expectation, and I was not one to break the rules — written or unwritten. While there, I got to know a great guy named Mike Wegner, whom I connected with later as well. Mike was a holdout from the glory days of the Register, and you could tell by his choice of bow ties instead of the standard neckties. “They used to be part of the uniform,” he told me.

So, are ties of any sort still selling? The answer, maybe surprisingly, is yes. Although neckties are not as popular as they once were, sales are apparently growing.

According to Data Intelo, the global necktie sales market size was $3.12 billion in 2023 and is estimated to reach $3.67 billion by 2032, expanding at a rate of 2% per year. Their report states that the market growth is attributed to “the ¬¬latest fashion trends, expanding applications, increasing usability and a growing consumer base.” The growing consumer base for neckties is apparently extending beyond the traditional corporate sector into creative fields, students attending formal events, and fashion-forward individuals seeking to make a style statement.

The report also states that “increasing urbanization and westernization in emerging economies are expected to drive the global necktie sales market. As more people move to urban areas and adopt Western-style formal attire, the demand for neckties is likely to increase. This trend is particularly noticeable in countries such as China and India…”

With all this in mind, I guess I will hang on to those ties in my closet. Meanwhile, if you need some suspenders or 30-inch belts, let me know.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman 

President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Clear Mortgage meteorology

Spotty late-day rain is possible today through Friday. The weekend looks mostly dry and warm.

For help with pre-approvals or refinancing, get in touch with Originating Branch Manager Carrie Hansen at carrie.mortgage.

From the May issue of CITYVIEW

Children’s musical with creative camps are aplenty

By John Busbee

There is a special beauty about great stage scripts for children’s theatre. In the hands of an experienced producer such as the Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre at the Des Moines Community Playhouse, true magic manifests when the actors and the audiences combine to create meaningful memories through the power of live performing arts. A legacy of children’s theatre by this nationally recognized community theatre has been part of its programming for almost all of its 106-year-old history. Their May production of “Ivy + Bean: The Musical” holds an allure that blends a great story and music with its lead characters and meaningful content that will spark wonderful intergenerational conversations.


CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines®
The results have been tallied and published in the February issue of CITYVIEW and online!


Best Local Gift Shop

1. Bing’s

2. Tandem Brick Gallery

3. give.

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Featured home for sale
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Gorgeous open concept condo in the heart of Des Moines. Eighteen-foot ceilings through the whole unit with tons of natural light. HUGE covered patio area for your plants and entertaining. Open kitchen with granite island that oversees living space with room for a dining room table. 1 bedroom with huge walk-in closet, and ensuite bathroom and laundry.

See the listing here.

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SOLD: Featured commercial real estate transaction
SALE DATE: 2024-03-15
SALE PRICE: $453,000
ACRES: 0.901
From the May issue of Norwalk Living magazine

Competing for time
Residents share how relationships are the “win” in sporting together.

By Chantel Boyd

Kyle Berns and his son, Gabriel, have been studying Jiu-Jitsu at Pinnacle University/Pinnacle Jiu-Jitsu in Norwalk since 2018, and the two have bonded through the sport.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a self-defense martial art and combat sport. Kyle says he likes practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it provides a full-body workout and helps to reduce stress while improving mental wellbeing.



Woebegone Wednesday. Of all discontinued fast food items, what is the most missed? Tracking search engine inquiries, Google revealed that two are missed far more than others. Number 1 is the KFC Double Down — with almost 800,000 yearning searches over the last year. Compiled with two fillets, bacon, cheese and Colonel’s sauce, the Double Down edged out McDonald's McRib, which garnered 785,000 total searches. No other fast food item was searched half as frequently.

Remember Watergate salad? It had a moment in the 1970s and then faded away faster than John Dean's loyalty. The Chef’s Recipe reports it is making a comeback along with its featured ingredient — pistachio instant pudding. Hy-Vee has its own brand of pistachio pudding. We found Jello's version at Walmart. It contains more almonds than pistachios.

Specials. Aldi, a German company, is celebrating German Week with specials on all Deutsche Kuche products — strudels, brats, schnitzels, herring, cakes and more... Price Choppers offer $6 meat loaf dinners today with two sides and a roll... Wednesday means specials on broccoli chicken, chicken and dumplings, and meat loaf lunches ($8.99 with two sides and biscuits) at Cracker Barrel (11701 University Ave., Clive)... I-Cub Wednesday games feature the Windy City Bundle that includes a reserved grandstand ticket, a Chicago Dog and an "Over the Ivy" beer or soda at steep discounts... Bordanaro's (6108 S.W. Ninth St., Des Moines) has a Wednesday-Thursday only special on carryout pizza. They start at $6.50 for a 10-inch cheese pie. Each ingredient added is an extra charge, but this pretty much adds up to half price pies.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com


FROM KCCI: Johnston woman dies after being assaulted by teenager at youth facility

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FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Drake University receives $28 million for ongoing campaign: 'Truly honored and thankful'

The gift pushes Drake's "The Ones" campaign past its $225 million goal......READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

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1988: Soviets begin withdrawal from Afghanistan  ... READ MORE
2009: GE finally initiates cleanup of polluted Hudson River: After decades of environmental damage and legal wrangling, General Electric finally begins its government-mandated efforts to clean the Hudson River on May 15, 2009. One of America's largest and most prestigious corporations, GE had dumped harmful chemicals into the river for years and spent a fortune trying to avoid the cleanup. ... READ MORE
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The answer to yesterday's riddle:

What does a frog order at a restaurant? Lots of answers to this one! French Flies: Nick Ruiz, William Snyder, Gail Tomlinson. Croak-a-Cola: Jayde Vogeler, Rex Post. Everything on IHop’s menu! - Mark Arends. Chicken legs! - Diane Mergens. Ribbit stew! - Lori Bluml. Or, "Toad in the Hole" (a traditional English dish consisting of sausage in Yorkshire pudding). - Carolyn Rogers

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