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Friday, Jan. 26, 2024
Good morning to you!

Welcome to the Friday mailbag where you will find some of the comments, questions and ideas sent recently by subscribers of this newsletter or our publications. They are edited for space and clarity.

“My toes say it’s cold outside and I need heavier socks and warmer boots (Long toes, Jan. 22, 2024)” - Jay

Agreed. Especially for that really long second toe. - Shane

“Good morning, Shane. Love your Daily Umbrella. I wanted to mention that being Puerto Rican, my mom always said that if your second toe was longer than your big toe, you were domineering (Long toes, Jan. 22, 2024). I thought it was an old wife's tale, but too many of my ex-boyfriends and husband have had this toe situation, and things always had to go their way. I now believe it is true. Going forward, I am checking toes to see if there will be any relationships extending beyond second or third date. Now that you have mentioned all the other toes, I may have to print your newsletter as a reference guide. Thank you for the additional insight.” - Sonia

Domineering? Are you sure it doesn't just mean outstanding balance? - Shane

“Shane, I have always been annoyed that Ohio and Michigan are considered Midwestern (What defines the Midwest?, Jan. 23, 2024). To me, they are Eastern, even though I came to realize Michigan is pretty close to my version of the Midwest. Also, I was never concerned enough about all of this to discover it was attributable to the U.S. Census Bureau. I always thought it was a creature of the national media, even though at some point in my schooling I recall a teacher explaining that Ohio got the Midwest designation way back when it was the frontier of America. If she was right, then the Census folks may have pirated the thought and it became fact. It has long seemed to me that time zones pretty well define East, Midwest, Mountain and West. The South gets defined by the Mason Dixon Line. There are arguable points in all of that, but does it really matter?” - Chuck

Nope. Not to us Midwesterners, at least. - Shane

“Good morning, Shane. As a transplant from New Jersey in 1968, I've evolved myself, I thought, into a Midwesterner (What defines the Midwest?, Jan. 23, 2024). From my many trips to Wyoming, especially Jackson Hole, I don't perceive Midwest there. Not enough corn, hogs and manufacturing. I found out this morning reading your thoughts that I'm still a work in progress. I do not appreciate Jell-O salad and never have room for one. Wishing you continued inspiration.” - John

Come on, John. There’s always room for Jell-O. - Shane

Have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

See Shane Goodman's previous columns here.


Your Clear Mortgage forecast

Watch for morning refreezing as we head into the weekend and a warmer next week. Highs will move from the 30s into the 40s.

For help with pre-approvals or refinancing, get in touch with Originating Branch Manager Carrie Hansen at carrie.mortgage.

CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines®
The results have been tallied and will be published in the February issue and at www.dmcityview.com on Jan. 31
Featured home for sale
Attention, Realtors, post your listings here for $50. Contact jolene@iowalivingmagazines.com for details.
1069 35th St.
Des Moines, IA 50311
This 2 1/2 story home is in pristine vintage condition! It is nicely maintained and offers large rooms throughout. As you enter the front entry, you will see leaded glass in the side lites of the lovely solid wood front door. There is also an entry space with a half bath and closet as you come into the home.
See More Homes For Sale
By Jim Duncan


Going to college in Hyderabad in the 1960s, there were many magical names calling my inner traveler — Ceylon, Burma, Madras, Bombay, Calcutta, Kerala, Puri. The most enticing of all was Nepal. I visited twice and figured I would never again taste some of its marvelous foods again, unless I returned.

Funny how things change. All but the last two of the places mentioned have new names now, and Hyderabad is in a newly created state that has become one of the wealthiest, bustling, high-tech cities in the world. The Hyderabad I recalled was unrecognizable when I visited again 35 years later.


A bottle of 30 years aged Irish whiskey sold for $2.8 million. It was The Emerald Isle by Craft Irish Whiskey Co.. The buyer was American Mike Daly and the price broke the previous record by $100,000. It was auctioned in a walnut case with a Faberge egg, a watch and two Cohiba cigars. (CBS)

Delta was top ranked in this year's Wall Street Journal airline rankings. Delta and Alaska were the only airlines with over 80% on time arrivals. Jet Blue was dead last in seven of eight performance criteria - American and United were worse in mishandled baggage.

Audubon County farmer Cindy Madsen will be at 4118 Maryland Pike in Beaverdale Saturday from 9:30-11:30 selling stewing hens, bacon, mini hams, ham slices, ham steaks, pork chops, Polish sausage bun length links, breakfast sausage, brats, spare ribs, pork patties, ground pork, boneless pork shoulder roasts, lard, local honey, local black walnuts, and beef hearts.

Wasabi Johnston has moved to 8481 Birchwood Court. The new place is considerably bigger and better looking with the same great sushi centric fare. Wasabi Urbandale is now open in the old Irina's at Hickman and Rocklyn.

The Saturday only special at Machine Shed (11151 Hickman, Urbandale) is smoked prime rib - $20.99 for 10 ounces to $27.49 for 18 ounces. Oven roasted prime rib is available Friday through Sunday. That restaurant also hosts a buffet Saturdays and Sundays until 2 p.m.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com


FROM KCCI: Iowa family grieving after father, daughter killed in crash

CARROLL, Iowa — Members of a Carroll family say they're devastated after this week's crash that killed a 41-year-old father and his 14-year-old daughter....READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Iowa woman dies after crash while trying to elude State Patrol

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — A Greene County woman died Wednesday after officials say she crashed her vehicle while attempting to get away from the Iowa State Patrol. ..READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5:  Living in Des Moines: Is apartment demand still on the rise?

According to a recent report from RentCafe, over 1,000 new apartment units were built in Des Moines last year......READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

Birthdays and notables

Happy Birthday on Saturday to Ashley Sohl!

These celebrities were born on this date:  Sara Rue, Taylor James, Hannah Arterton, Joseph Quinn, Scott Glenn, Kelly Stables, David Strathairn, Ellen DeGeneres, Wayne Gretzky, Kirk Franklin, Vince Carter

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Morning chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:

What do farmers use to create crop circles? A PROTRACTOR! -

Today's riddle

What killed the old hipster?

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