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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Good Wednesday Morning to You!

Thump! That was the sound of the phone book when it landed on our kitchen counter many years ago. That sound is now gone, as the phone book doesn’t reach our kitchen any more.

The phone book, and its related yellow pages, was a staple of most households, stowed away in a cupboard or drawer within reach of the family phone. It was used repeatedly to find phone numbers and addresses, as well as businesses to contact when your toilet backed up, your car needed towed, or your window was broken. Getting the new phone book was a big deal. I recall my mother taking that handy plastic cover that was wrapped around our local phone book and putting it on the new one — at least until she received a new handy plastic cover. For many years, Jolene and I did the same, without the handy plastic cover. The Des Moines phone book was too big to have a cover of any sort. At least it used to be.

Some of you may recall the scene with Steve Martin in the 1979 movie, "The Jerk," when he showed his enthusiasm over having his name printed in the phone book. When the new book came out, finding your name was one of the first things people would do. And if the information was wrong, well, that’s just the way it was until the next one came out.

The listings in the yellow pages were so important that many companies purposefully had business names that started with “A” and often “AAA.” Why? Because they knew yellow page users started alphabetically and worked their way down. And when your furnace wasn’t working, most people called the first one on the list.

Phone books are not delivered in many areas today. You might be able to pick one up on a rack at a grocery store. The real question is, do you need one at all? For most people, that answer is no. Internet search engines replaced the need to “let your fingers do the walking” in the phone book. A co-worker told me he uses one to level his stationary bike, as it gets it to the perfect height. He is not alone.

A 2014 Vox.com story states that 70% of Americans won’t open a phonebook before the next edition arrives. That same story — from nine years ago — says 650,000 tons of phonebooks are distributed nationally. Meanwhile, phone books are still used by some folks, especially those without Internet access or who choose not to gaze at their mobile phone for hours on end.

The “thump” sound of the phone book hitting the kitchen counter is gone, but the need to find information on people and businesses is as strong as ever. We just let our fingers do the typing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


CITYVIEW's  Best Of Des Moines

CITYVIEW announced its 2023 Best Of Des Moines readers' choices Jan. 31. You can find all the results from the poll in the February issue of CITYVIEW magazine!

Best Local Bakery

1. La Mie Bakery

2.  Hiland Bakery;

3. Iowa Cookie Co.


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BBC reported that Klosterbrauerie Neuzelle is rolling out a radical new product that hopes to change the beer business and reduce carbon footprints. Instant powder beer needs only to be mixed with water, thus reducing transportation costs. One drawback to world domination — it's alcohol free.

Trostel's Greenbriar (5810 Merle Hay Road) hosts a Riedel glassware event Thursday. These wine-tasting events demonstrate how much better wine tastes when served in the perfect glass. The price of the event is no more than the Riedel glassware that one is given would cost.

Wall to Wall Wine in West Des Moines (375 S. Jordan Creek Parkway) is hosting a wine-tasting spectacular Friday from 4-7 p.m.

—Jim Duncan

Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Several slight chances for precipitation come our way over the next seven days, and the exact timing of them becomes tricky in this pattern.

1.) Sprinkles or light rain this morning.
2.) A rain/snow mix with only minor accumulations late tonight into early Thursday.
3.) Rain and snow with possible accumulation Friday evening into Saturday morning.
4.) and 5.) Light precipitation Sunday and another rain/snow mix early Monday.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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On March 22 ...

1765: In an effort to raise funds to pay off debts and defend the vast new American territories won from the French in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), the British government passes the Stamp Act on March 22, 1765. The legislation levied a direct tax on all materials printed for commercial and legal use in the colonies, from newspapers and pamphlets to playing cards and dice.

1933: On March 22, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Beer and Wine Revenue Act. This law levies a federal tax on all alcoholic beverages to raise revenue for the federal government and gives individual states the option to further regulate the sale and distribution of beer and wine.

1934: On March 22, 1934, the first Masters golf championships tees off in Augusta, Georgia. The Augusta National Golf Club course presents difficulties for many of the golfers, but Emmet French, Jimmy Hines and Horton Smith finish under par and share the lead after shooting 70, two under par, in the first of four rounds.

Read more at History.com.


FROM KCCI: Police: Active shooter calls at Iowa schools are part of 'swatting' hoax

DES MOINES, Iowa — Phone calls placed to several Iowa schools on Tuesday claiming there was an active shooter are a hoax, according to the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Stephan Bayens, the commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety, spoke about the "swatting" calls during a press conference Tuesday about school safety. ...READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Ankeny Stadium’s $6 million renovation plan moving forward

ANKENY, Iowa — Monday night the Ankeny School Board held a public hearing to discuss the planned $6 million renovation to Ankeny Stadium. The district has been working on plans to renovate Ankeny Stadium since 2013 and is currently looking for construction bids for the third and final phase. ...READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Anamosa prison on 'restricted movement' amid substance investigation

ANAMOSA, Iowa — An Iowa penitentiary is limiting the movement of inmates and not allowing visitors while staff conducts a "large scale" search in the prison for illicit contraband, the Department of Corrections announced Monday evening.
The Anamosa State Penitentiary is now under "restricted movement" after two inmates were found unresponsive in their cells Sunday, March 19, just a day after another inmate and three staffers were exposed to the unknown substance.. ...READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

Following in Their Footsteps

An entrepreneurial family

Matthew Nuzum, the self-proclaimed “Iowa business lawyer,” helps small businesses succeed. The path to his career began when he worked for his father, a serial entrepreneur, and as he started his own businesses as a young man. Now he helps others do the same.

When Nuzum was young, his dad, Robert Nuzum Sr., owned and operated a hotel in downtown Des Moines. He sold it as part of the push to revitalize the downtown area in the early 1980s. Later that decade, his dad started working at the Camp Dodge swimming pool as the manager and then bid on the contract to also run the concession stand at the pool. 

“I worked with him when I was 13 until I went to college, mostly handling money. I was good with math, and he trusted me.”

... Read more in the March issue of Ankeny Living magazine.

Birthdays and Notables!

These celebrities were born on this date: Reese Witherspoon, William Shatner, Constance Wu, Tania Raymonde, Nick Robinson, Keegan-Michael Key, Andrew Lloyd Webber, James Patterson, Kidada Jones, Stephanie Mills, Wolf Blitzer, Bob Costas, Dexter Fowler, Todd McShay, Gavin MacIntosh, Chris Ivory

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Morning Chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What is worse than robbing a bank or a jewelry store?


Today's Riddle

Why did the police have extra stake-outs for the bowling alley thieves?

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