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Animaltalk Africa
July News

Baboons at Cape Point nature reserve

Dear FirstName

Once again I would like to thank you for making a positive  difference in the world today. 
I have a few things to share with you in this month's newsletter. It has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks with many opportunities to collaborate and connect with like-hearted people. I was grateful to be invited to be part of the Multi-species Symposium on IIC (Intuitive Interspecies Communication) hosted by the University of Saskatchewan. My paper on communication with baboons was well received. And from that I facilitated a group discussion on how IIC can assist wildlife. This has sparked a collaboration of people who are looking at making the animals important stake-holders in the decision making process with regards to environmental issues.
There were so many interesting papers submitted on the research being done around interspecies communication. We can really see the world opening up to this new way of being with animals and nature.  We are hoping that the Symposium will be an annual event, with more and more offerings and sharings in support of this work.
Update on the HEART Pride

It gives me huge pleasure to share that the closing number of the first intake of HEART Pride members is 89. That means 89 people have committed to be part of this incredible work guided by Mother Nature and the White Lions

Registrations are now closed, but there will be another opportunity to join in November. 

Virtual StarLion Journey
We still have space and there is still time for you to join our next Virtual Journey to the StarLions. Remember, the Virtual Journey was created as an opportunity to be part of a workshop within the African Bush without having the travel or the expense of doing so. In support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust it is designed to offer the same experience and learning opportunities whilst supporting Nature in all of her forms. 

1st - 4th July 2022
Stepping into Your Purpose
in the Post-Pandemic World
A weekend virtual retreat with Linda Tucker and guests
8th -10th July 2022

I am thrilled to be invited to teach at this workshop alongside Linda Tucker and Evolutionary Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez. 

As our HEART work with the oceans continues, more and more atrocities are being revealed. A few days ago I became aware of yet another piece of South African Coastline under threat from major oil companies.
Hermanus is famous in South Africa for its Whale Watching opportunities. The Hermanus Walker Bay Marine Protected Area is considered as a world-renowned whale sanctuary and an important refuge for, among other keystone species, three different types of these magnificent marine mammals with their newly born calves.
Please sign and share the petition below and if you can, submit comments by Monday the 20th June. 
Visualise and really see and feel the Oceans being respected and listened to. 
by Credo Mutwa

I have seen you play, oh whale, upon the waves of the sea.

I have heard your mournful song directed at the gods of long ago.

Your cornfield is the waves,

And your village is the eternal sea.

I have seen the waving of your great tail as you dive beneath the waves, only to rise to the surface again.

You are the untiring player who delights the gods, the gods that are of old Africa.

You are the one that knows all.

Our forefathers called you Umkhona, the one who knows everything.

If only your mouth could speak with human speech, what knowledge we would gain from you.

If only I could shake your hand what medicines I would learn from you!

You are the lord of the mermaids,

The commander of the sharks,

You lead the choir of fishes that dwell under the waters.

It is said that many many years ago your kind were human beings, a noble race of demigods that fought against the dark ones at the birth of creation.

Oh whale, may I hear your song before I pass away from this world!

May I hear your mournful singing before I return to the grey darkness from which I came.

The birds of the sea sing when you appear.

The fishes are delighted.

And the waves leap high to accompany you as you play to the delight of the sun and the gods of long ago.

May you survive for thousands of years and a hundred thousand years more! 


I leave you with those words from South Africa's great and beloved Sanusi, Baba Credo Mutwa.

I hope to see you soon in this new virtual world which gives us so much opportunity to connect and work together for the animals and Nature.

with love



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