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Animaltalk Africa
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A Virtual StarLion Journey
1st - 4th July
Dear FirstName

We are still excited to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to connect deeply with Mother Nature, in a way that is accessible for everyone. 

People are finding our Virtual StarLion Journeys as a way to reconnect, to receive guidance in their personal life, and how they as an individual can assist in these intense times on the planet.

People are also finding a like-hearted group of people who are supportive and uplifting. When we gather as a group to have a heart-storm with Mother Nature, miracles are achieved.

Join us in a retreat in the African bush for an experience known to equal (or exceed) being physically present.


Registered HEART Pride members receive up to 50% discounts off the requested donation.

What people are saying:

"I am sending deep heartfelt gratitude for our gathering and for all the amazing work that you Simon and you Wynter and Linda have put into this unprecedented Virtual StarLion Journey.

I cannot find enough words to recommend this program to the whole world!

We are in such a critical atmosphere in our world today.
Only by having personal experiences in real time that connect us with all of nature, all of our animal friends who give us input, can we humans learn how to heal ourselves and this precious planet we inhabit.
Now, I know this in my own self at a cellular level.

I never thought that I could listen and hear messages from animals, although I have love in my heart for all of them and support many animal orgs who do. I thought that animal communication was only possible for people who had this “gift.” Now I know thoroughly and completely that we are all capable of this. Children do this all the time!
But since we were never encouraged to continue, we simply didn’t!

I am putting out a plea to everyone to connect with Animaltalk Africa and see the rich variety of resources there.

This magnificent outpouring that Wynter and her team have provided is not only personally enlivening but absolutely vital for the welfare of the planet."

Sami Longo-Disse - USA, Participant in VSLJ, March 2022


"I would recommend anyone who is interested in animal communication, and conservation to do this course. No matter what your previous experience of animal communication is, you will learn so much from the wisdom of the animals, the natural world and from the other members of the course.

As someone who is a technophobe, I found the on-line course very well organised, easy to work around and Simon was very helpful with any technical problems.

Wynter's lovely meditations and the beauty of the journey and landscape, helps to open your heart and tune you into intercommunication with the animals and the web of life.

Linda's contribution and courageous work with the white lions was a great inspiration.

At this crucial time of ecological crisis for nature and the planet it is so important for us to connect and co-operate with the animals and nature kingdoms and learn from their wisdom.
For me personally it was very heart opening. I felt like the snake who had shed a skin. Being still and listening I heard the music of the natural world, the dance of of the web of life and creation, how we are all connected and part of the web, each one playing their part in the symphony.

Many Thanks to Wynter, Linda, Simon and all the fellow travellers on the course and the path."
Joni - Scotland, Participant in VSLJ, March 2022

If you would like to discuss anything further, please email bookings@starlionjourneys.org
We are looking forward to seeing you!
Registration closes on 11 June!
The StarLion Journeys are invariably linked with the HEART Pride. Registered HEART Pride members receive up to 50% discounts off the requested donation.
Past Virtual StarLion Journey participants see the HEART Pride as a way to stay connected to the HeartLands and to be part of  a pride of humans who are committed to listening to Nature in order to assist at this time.

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