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Animaltalk Africa
Spring Special ends tomorrow
Dear FirstName

Our spring special offer is almost over. We have had a great response to it, and it just shows us how many people are ready to start listening to, and understanding their animal friends better.

If you feel ready, now is the time to take advantage of this offer.

Take the Leap!

The Introduction Course
9 modules with meditations, exercises and videos

Subjects include:

  • The history of Animal Communication – African tradition
  • How it works - the basics
  • How to send and receive messages to your animal friends
  • Body scanning to find out about physical issues
  • Communicating over a distance
  • Communicating with animals in spirit
  • Communicating with missing animals
Includes practice sessions, monthly calls with Wynter and so much more.
21% Discount off all of our courses

Valid until 10 September 2021

  • Introduction to Animal Communication
  • Animal Communication - Intermediate course
  • Animal Communication - Practitioner's certification
Just type in this coupon code when you go to purchase
South Africans please enquire about the cost in ZA Rands.
If you are already enrolled, but want to go deeper into this work, sign up for the intermediate course now and get 21% off.
Use the coupon code ATASpring21
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