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Animaltalk Africa
Free World Summit starts TOMORROW!
Dear FirstName

Only 24-hours to go until the Conversations with Nature World Summit 2021 begins broadcasting.

You still have time, register now. It’s free!

Join 24 visionary women as we share intimate truths and new perspectives. These conversations can make a difference. You’ll receive amazing guidance as you continue to navigate your evolving journey on this sacred rock, Earth.

This is an opportunity to:

∞ Connect, collaborate and change
∞ Activate the heart of humanity
∞ Restore our place as part of Nature
∞ Enter an alliance with the Natural World

You have to register, to be able to watch each series for 24 hours.

You are invited to join our online gathering, you can access it wherever you are.

I feel each and every speaker chosen for this summit has an important message to share, guided by Mother Nature. Tomorrow I speak of my experiences communicating with Baboons and other Wild Animals.

There is only one day to go, get your free ticket here:

Conversations with Nature
World Summit 2021

Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21, Thursday 22,
Friday 23 April 2021

Time: Starting at 9am BST.
Every day is free for 24 hours!

Where: Online


Conversations with Nature will help you to rediscover your innate ability to communicate with animals, trees and all of Nature and open you up to the infinite possibilities of your compassionate heart.


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